Everything You Need To Know About Architectural Engineering

You must have heard of architecture, but have you heard of architectural engineering? This branch of engineering is a relatively new licensed profession that deals with the finer points of building a huge structure. If you have been thinking of getting your B. Tech abroad, architectural engineering is a good career option. So let’s learn some more about it, shall we?

How is architectural engineering different from architecture?

 Architects have an amazing job to do – they build buildings that beautify our cities while making the most of the available space. However, while architects are more concerned with the spatial and aesthetic aspects of construction, an architectural engineer gets into the nitty gritty of things.

Architectural engineers worry about the systems that will keep the building alive. So, from plumbing to lighting and wiring, architectural engineers are the masters of all trades. They also have to be clever enough to calculate load bearing systems, figure out where to put beams and columns, what mechanical systems can go in the building and everything else that is required to make a building fully functional for its residents.

What is the course curriculum like?

If you are planning to complete your engineering in USA or are looking at other foreign universities, you should know that the course work for architectural engineering is diverse. Students are required to have a basic understanding of architectural designs, with substantial knowledge of other engineering disciplines such as mechanical and electrical, fire protection and other systems.

In an international engineering college, you will find that there is much stress on mathematics for architectural engineers – especially, branches like calculus and trigonometry. This helps engineers in making calculations necessary for planning a building.

What are the job prospects for architectural engineers?

Architectural engineers are in demand in all developed and developing countries. The median salary for an architectural engineer in 2015, was $82,000 annually. The job market is expected to rise by 8% every year creating a lot of openings for talented and creative architectural engineers. If you have been dreaming of finding the right career option that will help you find a well-paying job in a foreign country, architectural engineering might just be it.

How much will it cost?

While the actual figures will depend on the foreign universities you choose to study at, you can definitely save over 40% in education fees by joining the Manipal ICAS Programme.

About ICAS Manipal

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