Choosing an University Abroad – 101

When you plan on studying abroad, keep in mind that it is going to be one of the most memorable period in your life. Choosing your course and university wisely is a decision that needs to be made after consulting with enough resources. If you have enrolled for Manipal ICAS’ study abroad program, you have the amazing opportunity to study two years in a University abroad, after finishing the first two years in India.

Choosing the right place for you to continue your course can be challenging. There are a lot of factors you need to be mindful of whilst making your choice. From the courses they offer to the job opportunities, it can be too much. But here’s a checklist of factors you must consider while perusing through your potential colleges:

Choosing the Course

Firstly, it is vital to have a good picture about the course you are selecting. Sufficient amount of research needs to be done before choosing the course at ICAS Manipal. Though you have the choice of switching streams, it will prove more useful if you have a strong standing on your choice of course. The course should be good enough to address your talents and skills to help you lead a successful professional journey. It will be a good idea to consider your choices of universities abroad and then choose a course that would let you have a chance to study in there. Look for courses that have good scope abroad for research and jobs.

The Location of the University

When the time has finally come for you to live the dream, you should give enough thought over the location of your university. A place you choose to live to finish your studies for the next couple of years could be a place where you will eventually find your purpose and yourself. You should first prioritize your requirements. Apart from your academic interests, the place you choose should be ideal for your hobbies and interests.

Your Academic History Matters

Each University will have its own cut-off percentage when it comes to selecting students. If you are serious about joining a reputed college, scoring good marks in the first two years of your course is very important. Also, confirm that the university comes under the list of educational organizations that lets you transfer you marks from the first two years of studies in India.

The Budget

No matter how many scholarships you possess, life is going to be expensive for a student abroad. You should also consider the financial constraints before confirming on a university. It is always better to pick a university that is not very pricy without compromising on the academic quality. You can gradually find a part time job there to earn some extra bucks.

The Job Opportunities and Career Scope:

Another crucial factor to consider is how viable your choice of university is for the career path you have in your mind. For instance, if you choose to pursue your studies in ICAS, you have a whole lot of universities to choose from. But not all of them might lead you to a job and career that you want. Thus, it is important to conduct thorough research on the facilities such as campus placements, industry partners that the university has before you finalize upon it.

It goes without saying that great care should be taken in sorting out the finest university with the best facilities for yourself. After all, it is your sole responsibility to choose the best for you. Your choice of university will play a huge role in moulding your career and ICAS Manipal will be there to guide you throughout the process and to make the right choice.

An elaborate research is always an excellent idea when you make important decisions in your life. Seek help and eradicate risk as much as possible before you leave to chase your dreams. Success comes only with a great effort and dedication.

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