Preparing for your two years abroad

Leaving behind the comfort of home, family and friends even for a short while is a difficult task. Leaving all the familiarity behind for two years for your study abroad to a land of new – new university, new faculty, new housing, new people, new culture and so on. Getting all the necessary chores done before leaving could be a little tricky if you are not doing an extensive research about everything that you need to be mindful about. From prepping the documents to finding a place to stay, here are some of the things you must take care of before going abroad for your studies:

Get All your Documents Ready:

If you are an ICAS Manipal student, the very first step is to get all your paperwork ready for the journey. You will have to make sure you possess all the mandatory documents required to claim admission to the university you want to get into. All the ICAS Results mark lists, certificates, identification cards and transfer documents should be double checked before you seal your bags!

It goes without saying that your passport and Visa are super important for the journey ahead. Though Manipal ICAS will guide and help you through the documentation process, it is necessary for you to keep everything necessary in place. It is also important to book your tickets on time to avoid unnecessary expenses when you travel. It is an expert trip that booking your tickets at least five weeks in advance can help you get a good deal on your travel.

Move ONLY the essentials:

Though there is a baggage limit while traveling, a common practice you see among students is trying to stuff more than what’s necessary into their luggage. Apart from the huge fee levied on your baggage, lugging it around on your first day in a new country is not how you should begin your journey. Carry only what you need for the first few weeks of your stay and not for the two years.

Banking and Emergency Contacts:

When you are in a foreign country for your engineering abroad or your B. Tech abroad, you will be doing most of your errands by yourself. Before you land in your new location, be very careful about sorting out all the bank formalities. You don’t want to be alone in a country with a debit card that doesn’t work! It will also be great to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong too.

It is clever to purchase a medical insurance policy especially made for students who study abroad. Medical expenses can be massive in case of any unfortunate event and it could be even more stressful when you are away from home. Keep your emergency contacts and the details of your Mediclaim on your person at all times.

Try to know your host:

It is a good move to try and research about the country you will be spending the next few years studying. The magnitude of tolerance and sensitivity of your host can be extremely different from your country. Understanding their culture and tradition to actively participate in their lives is going to help you blend in better.

When you begin the most exciting expedition of your academic and personal life, it must be planned and executed carefully. Even though you cannot eliminate all the risks, being prepared for is always a good choice. While ICAS Manipal will put you in touch with all the resources available and guide you through the process, it is necessary to do your own groundwork that will help you have a seamless departure and arrival.

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