Scores Don’t Determine Your Passion!

Are marks the best way to evaluate studentsand their talent?Not always. Expecting examinations to bring out the best in a student, sounds thoughtless and foolish when there are millions of other factors that could pave the future of a student. Two students who are good at Computer Science, might express their prowess differently and not through an examination. But, our education system preaches the exact opposite by trying to standardize talent and knowledge; this in turn puts students through tough times during examinations and admissions.This pressure could lead to them not faring well in these exams and thereby not meeting the ‘cut-off’ marks or criteria for courses and Universities they wanted to pursue.

This is where Manipal’ International Centre for Applied Sciencesdiffers. Instead of imposing hefty cut-offs on marks and strenuous entrance exams, ICAS Manipal has redefined B-Tech Engineering studies by giving a fair chance to any deserving student that has scored over 60% in their 12thBoard examinations. This criterion holds good for any stream that the students want to apply for. More than looking at how much one score in your High School examinations, this program offered by Manipal University prepares you for the challenges and experiences in the world out there. Because when it comes to real life, the marks you scored in Sciencea few years back will have little to no impact upon it.

To make your admission process hassle free, there is also an option to apply for the admissions before your 12th board exam results are declared, based on the expected achievements. Once your marks satisfy the simple eligibility mandates, your admission will be confirmed and you will be onboarded to the stream of your choice.

After the first two years of your engineering in Manipal, you would get the opportunity to finish your B-tech or engineering abroad in a foreign university of your choice. Most of the skills don’t come attached to a mark sheet and that is the thought that ICAS Manipal bases its admissions and teaching philosophy on.

The ICAS program is open for all students with a minimum of 60% in their 12th Grade board exams; that includes NRI/NRE and foreign nationals. Even though you’ve completed your higher secondary education in a Non-English medium school, you still stand a chance to enrol in the ICAS program. Because Manipal believes in the capacity of each student in adapting to better training facilities to compensate their weaknesses.

Education should be aimed at enhancing the talents and skills students already have and examinations should focus on making students understand where they stand and how they can get better. When the entirebusiness becomes a rat race, the whole point of acquiring higher education becomes absurd. ICAS Manipal strives to change it; it believes that, for education to be truly meaningful, the student as well as the institution should take good care in understanding the priorities to excel in the whole game, not just in the exams.

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