Dreams change. So, Can Your Engineering Stream

The boundless opportunities in the field of engineering makes it one of the most common choices for higher studies. From computer science to mechanical, the choices of stream are plenty when one chooses to pursue engineering. However, more often than not, this choice does not fall into the students’ hands. Instead, it gets determined by their scores in the final board examinations or entrance tests; forcing students to choose from the streams based on their scores instead of letting them join the stream of their choice. However, ICAS strives to make this entirely the students’ choice. One only needs 60% marks in their board exams to pursue a stream of their choice at the International Centre for Applied Sciences, Manipal.

At ICAS Manipal, we don’t let the students’ choice end after the admission; we know that dreams and interests change, which is why, students can choose to change their engineering stream even after enrolling into a program. It is not unheard of for students to be exposed to new learnings and interests when they join university. Some may choose to pursue these newfound dreams and some may not. For the ones that dare to dream, ICAS extends its full support.

For instance, if a student who had chosen the Computer Science Engineering stream at the time of their admission finds himself interested in Aeronautical Engineering, then he has the choice to switch streams in his first semester at ICAS. This flexibility that students can exercise with their choice in education is what makes us one of the top choices for higher education.

One of the premium features of ICAS is its International Transfer Program which allows students to complete the final two years of their B.Tech or Engineering abroad. This program allows students to transfer their course credits from ICAS to one of the many renowned international institutions that the university is affiliated with. After completing two years of education at ICAS, students can choose to complete their course abroad and also be awarded the degree by that institution. Students can change their stream of engineering during their transfer too, as per their interest.

This liberty to choose their field of education, the opportunities for an international standard education, the unvarying support for their innovations are few of the reasons that make ICAS a preferred choice among students. ICAS strives to improve the quality of life of its students and help them realize their dreams.

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