Take a leap, spread your wings and chase your dreams!

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

When you are presented with a platform that gives you wings to fly, chase your dreams and open doors to plenty of opportunities, you are one step closer to driving a change in the world around you. Choosing to apply to the International Transfer Programmein Engineering ofInternational Centre for Applied Sciences (ICAS),Manipal, in 2009 was one such turning point in my quest for learning and gaining the right exposure. With my undeterred passion for mechanical engineering, ICAS proved to be the perfect platform for me to explore, think and learn while allowing me the freedom in doing so.

ICAS has given me some of the most inspiring faculty and professors who guided me in selecting my international university, which proved to be a huge positive change in my career path going forward. The learning pedagogy used at ICAS, ensures personalized attention to students who dream of education that goes beyond the constraints of borders and boundaries. The support, appreciation and motivation of our faculty pushed me closer to my dream of studying in a foreign university as I transferredmy credits obtained from ICAS to the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. Opting for ICAS, Manipal’s unique transfer program provided a solid foundation in basic engineering subjects thanks to its rigorous internationally aligned curriculum.

While studying in an internationally recognized, innovative and inclusive University like Edinburgh Napier was a challenge, it also added the benefit of living in the vibrant capital of Scotland, allowing me to understand and explore the diverse outlooks in this subject here. Being a well ranked university and their courses designed in consultation with business and industry leaders to give academic as well as practical skills to succeed, this was one the best places for research and I was confident that it would open an array of opportunities to achieve my goals.

After my Graduation, I went on to enrol formy masters at the Ohio University and in my first semester there, I developed a keen interest in application of ‘Simulation in Healthcare Industry”. Further, in my masters at Ohio, I received a waiver in my tuition and by 2017 I was provided with the Graduate Assistantship (GA) along with the privilege of couple of my research papers getting published in the year and a half stint. As part of my research, I developed interest in creating simulation models and one of them was The Hierarchical Simulation Model and a distribution center which is generic and can be used to create another distribution center model.

With keen interest in healthcare, I created the simulation model and scenarios of in-patient units in my model to determine the schedule utilization of resources and to minimize the deviation from scheduled patient caring procedures. I have presented and published part of this research in the Winter Sim Conference and will be presenting an extended research in this area in the upcoming IISE 2018 Orlando Florida Conference.  For my thesis in the ‘Optimization of Operating Rooms, I am producing a data-driven simulation model where the user just needs to import an excel file and the simulation model will be created from the excel file. I am working with C# and Simio in my thesis.I intend to pursue my Ph.D and continue my research in the field of Healthcare and Simulation.

Working as GA has been extremely interesting where, as part of my curriculum, I worked on a bus scheduling project, a web-based application project configured to support single district transportation scheduling as well as cross-district transportation scheduling for 20 school districts; one board of developmental disabilities (DD) which are members of the Straight A Grant Consortium managed by Muskingum Valley ESC (MVESC).

If I look back, the turning point in my life would have to be my presentation with an associate student who was working on a similar project earlier at the Ohio University Student Expo, where we were placed second. For my research using simulation, I was awarded the prestigious Dr. Helmut Zwahlen Award for Outstanding Student Achievement in Simulation by the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department at Russ College of Engineering and Technology at Ohio University along with a $ 1750 cash prize.

Today, I am a member of Industrial Engineering Honours Society-Alpha Pi Mu and Programming Director of International Student Union, one of the biggest organisations of my university. I can’t thank ICAS, Manipal, enough for their encouragement to help me pursue my dream and help me become what I am today. While I have come a long way from Manipal, it was the first step in my academic research journey, paving the way for some magnificent international exposure. The international transfer program at ICAS has given me memories that I will cherish forever.

If there is one piece of advice that I would give students who are keen on taking up studies in a foreign country, it would be this -never be too cautious in taking risks. Opportunities will be in abundance –we must seek them and never be deterred when things don’t go our way.


If you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you’re determined to learn, no one can stop you.”


Graduate Assistant

Ohio University, USA.


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