Laying the Base for a better future

College days are without doubt the best time in a student’s life. That’s because they mould the intellectual and social character of a student and develop him/her into someone who can take on the challenges of life.

Since it is such a critical time in one’s life, no compromise should be made in finding the best environment required for the metamorphosis of a student in to a butterfly of excellence. The International Centre of Applied Sciencesaims at providing quality education for students whose aspirations lays far above the traditional education paradigm. Manipal ICAS offers fascinating study abroad programs along with exceptional training and evaluation methodologies.

The ICAS training centres are equipped with the best infrastructure and advanced devices for achieving extraordinary levels of impact in students, academically. But what really counts is the hands on experience with the technical environment – something that is extremely vital in ensuring that a student is prepared for the upcoming challenges of the professional life.

Of course, there is more to the BSc and B Tech engineering Program offered by ICAS. The International Transfer program is one of the factors that makes ICAS different from degrees offered by other Universities. This particular system allows a student to finish first two years of his course in India and rest of the years can be completed in any foreign country and university of their choice. With the credits collected from the semesters completed, one can apply to a list of universities that accept applications from Manipal ICAS. The exposure to global education standards equips the students with an advanced curriculum. The result is that the student graduates with a degree from the foreign university!

Another major provision available in ICAS engineering abroad program is the flexibility offered in changing streams after the first semester. If one’s interests and fascinations changes over time, or if one wishes to learn combination of subjects, a request for stream change can be made. Unlike other educational institutions, Manipal approves this decision to change stream as needed.

To make the best use of opportunities available within the course, delegates from foreign universities are invited to guide the students on the options available for them. This way, both parents and students can understand the course of the program and the best options to choose according to their talents.

Finding a place in the corporate world is not an easy task even if one has the required degree and talent. The real-time knowledge of the world is the key to secure an excellent position in an organization. Accordingly, the students who pass out from ICAS every year are presented with diverse opportunities of employment abroad with a handsome remuneration.

Choosing a course that uplifts a student’s talents should be the most significant factor up for consideration after one finishes the higher secondary education. With ICAS Manipal, an engineering degree is more than a degree along with work experience. Along with the academic perks, exploring different countries and their cultures, makes the journey truly amazing and worthwhile. After all, education is just not learning what is in the textbooks, it is also mastering the art of survival and success.

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