Three Ways to Independently Fund Your Study Abroad

In the recent times, there are too many options for students who want to study abroad. There are more than a few benefits to pursuing higher studies from a foreign university; from a global exposure to high-profile placement opportunities, if one does their engineering abroad or B.Tech abroad, their career and life are off to a good start.


But, despite the opportunities and options, for a lot of the students, this still remains as a dream. This is mostly because of the challenges that studying abroad poses financially. But, fortunately, there are many ways that one can fund their dreams now. Here are five ways you can independently fund your study abroad:


  1. Take a Loan:

    Student loans are funds that you can borrow for the duration of your studies and pay back after. They function like any other loan, but with a few differences. You can avail student loans at relatively better interest rates, and the duration can be chosen to your ease too. The only thing to keep in mind is to do thorough groundwork and ensure that you have the best loan plan for yourself.

  2. Start Saving:

    Your dream to go abroad doesn’t manifest overnight; it takes time and work. When you have your heart set on going to a university abroad, say Canada or UK, you should immediately start working on it. Even the smallest amount you put towards your study abroad fund, is another step towards it. It is not just saving your monthly funds that can help, you can also start a small job; be it an independent venture or freelancing, the employment won’t only help with your funding, but will also give you work experience that can help your candidature. Your talents and skills will always have a value in the market and it will be wise to invest it in your dreams.

  3. Crowdfunding:

    The options in financial aid are growing rapidly. It is a time when strangers and loved ones would love to come together to help you achieve your dream. Setting up a crowdfunding page makes it easy for you to collect donations, and most importantly makes it easier for people to donate to you. Therefore, set up a crowdfunding page on a site of your choosing (GoFundMe, YouCaring, and Indiegogo are some popular choices), sit back, and watch those donations roll in!

Apart from these options, there are other ways you can help yourself fund your study abroad, even if not independent. For instance, the International Center for Applied Sciences, Manipal, allows students to pursue the first two years of their college in India and the last two in a foreign university of their choice, thereby reducing expenditure by 40%.

You could be the one making the next big discovery or the newest innovation that helps the human race, and money should never be the obstacle in your path.

Know any more ways you can independently fund your study abroad? Tell us in the comments!

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