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The decision to achieve a degree from a foreign university is not something that can be planned in a day. When one decides to undertake a study abroad program, they come across a great deal of uncertainties and dilemmas that need to be clarified and addressed. More often than not, these uncertainties remains unanswered, which could in turn affect a lot of the study abroad experience. But when it comes to the International twinning program at Manipal’s International Centre for Applied Sciences there is no need to worry about that!

ICAS provides the opportunity to its students to complete their first two years in Manipal, India and the next two years of the course abroad, from the choicest of destinations and universities that they have partnered with. ICAS Manipal has partnered with 39 overseas universities and an understanding with 70 others for the International Transfer Program. This allows students a wide selection spectrum – not just with the courses, but the universities as well.

Courses abroad are sometimes perceived with a lot of skepticism because of the uncertainty of the rules, culture and so forth, that the students will have to endure. But at ICAS, it is not the case. The students and their parents have an amazing chance to meet the delegates from these universities and interact with them to get answers to all their queries.

Many foreign university representatives have often visit the International Centre for Applied Sciences and interact with students who are pursuing their B Tech or Engineering and other range of courses available. For instance, prestigious universities such as Andrews University, Australian National University, University of London etc. often come down to impart and share knowledge and information about their academic offerings and more to the student body. These delegates have expressed their approval of the quality of courses provided by Manipal and have also acknowledged their happiness in having a talented bunch of academically proficient students pursue their dreams from their institutions and their countries.

During the orientation, these officials talk about academic regulations, student care measures, paperless digital Exams, student welfare activities, student finance, medical care facilities, hostel rules & guidelines, library facilities, sports & games facilities and volunteer service organizations. They also talk about the formats for credit transfer and the prospects of getting a placements in esteemed organizations. The students’ expectations are set with good clarity because all the information and inputs they need come from the reliable source of the host university itself.  

These delegates not only talk about the facilities provided in their universities but also share their experiences in life and motivate the students to aim higher and exhibit extraordinary excellence in their time abroad. Along with their experiences, these individuals also educate the students on the burning problems of the world and how to effectively tackle them with proper education. These valuable lessons from people of different cultures are indeed a blessing for the students who are in the midst of making life – altering decisions.  

From the commencement of this course in 1994 over 1600 students have graduated successfully from the ICAS International Transfer Program.  This win is made possible by the whole hearted support of the administration of Manipal as well as the partner Universities that pledge their help to each student that needs nurturing and guidance. The meaning of outstanding education is realized when these students proceed to conquer heights in the professional lives and radiate their valuable lessons to the world.  

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