Five Reasons You Should Study in Canada

Indians have traditionally emphasized on the importance of education. Parents and students regardless, want nothing short of the best education and go to large extents to ensure that. Canada, is home to some excellent universities and yield the best academic and professional opportunities.

There are several reasons why study abroad programs in Canada are a chance one must take without fail. Here are some:

World Class Education

Canada is second to none when it comes to academic pedigree. The courses focus on holistic development of students and are pretty rigorous. They demand a lot of practical work, which gives the students a hands-on experience with the field they choose to pursue. If you want to study engineering abroad this certainly is a great place.

A lot of Canadian universities rank among the Top 200 in the World*, and many others are not too far behind. Such universities attract the brightest minds from across the world. Studying amidst this proficient academic environment wouldn’t just be enriching but an experience like none other.


A lot of students prefer Canada over other countries like US, UK, and Australia because of the affordability factor. Canada is very economical in terms of both tuition fee and living, with average annual cost amounting to $30,000 (USD). Compared to Canada, Australia’s tuition and cost of living are pretty high at $42,000 (USD).

Quality of Life

Canada is one of the best countries in terms of quality of living. The cost of housing is affordable and lower as compared to its neighbor USA, the environment is much more liberal and inclusive in comparison to other options. Add to that the friendliness of Canadians!

From a job perspective, Canadian employers look up to individuals who complete their college education. Over 50% international students work in Canada and gain PR after their engineering study abroad because of the availability of jobs.

Multicultural Experience

A lot of Canadians are bilingual, with proficiency in English and French. Apart from that, the region of Nova Scotia has people of Irish descent. All in all, Canada is a global melting pot and one can experience diverse cultures by staying in this country.

Universities host international students from places like China, Africa, and the Middle East. Interacting with such a diverse pool broadens one’s perspective greatly.

Because it’s beautiful!

We’ve grown up listening to ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ umpteen number of times. While the academic rigor in Canada is something that will consume all your time, you shouldn’t forget to have some fun.

Canada is gorgeous and you should take every chance you get to explore this country’s natural beauty. There are icy peaks, coastal towns on the edge of Pacific, waterfalls such as the Niagara Falls, and some exotic national parks.

Studying in Canada can be a life changing decision. In case you’re wary about leaving India, there are programs like ICAS Canada that allow you to spend a couple of years in India and a couple in Canada. Explore such programs and make the most!

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