The ICAS Experience – A Student’s Paradise

College is a time like none other – the newfound freedom, the new lifestyle, the exposure to new walks of life, everything is new and exciting. It’s the first time most of us have left the comfort of our homes and the constant care of our parents; it is the first time we tend to meet people from various cultural backgrounds; it is the first time we experience life on another plane.

And, where you experience this, plays a key role in how this moulds you as a person. Manipal is one of the best universities that provides a wholesome student experience. Be it on-campus opportunities or off-campus choices, Manipal isn’t short on any front.

Here are a few reasons why the Manipal Experience is what every student’s dreams are made of:

a.Off-the-charts Academics:

From experienced faculty to innovative infrastructure, Manipal provides its students the most conducive atmosphere for academic excellence. The classroom culture motivates students to voice their opinions and get the best out of their syllabus. Manipal also provides its students with an array of research opportunities and the best guidance.

Manipal ICAS, for example, provides students the option to pursue their study abroad dreams from prestigious institutions abroad through their International Transfer Program. From carefully curated syllabus to the most qualified campus recruiters, Manipal lays out an amazing academic path ahead for its students.

b.Amazing Sports & Extracurricular Opportunities:

Manipal’s tremendous sports complex – Marena – is synonymous with quality sports facilities. The state-of-the-art facility houses the space and facility for a range of sports and athletics; from jogging to strenuous gymming and futsal to basketball, you can name a sport and Marena will have you covered.

Sports is not all that Manipal provides outside of academics! From drama clubs to culinary societies, Manipal is a paradise for those who want to keep exploring their talents and options.The Town For and Of Students:

One of Manipal’s unique features is its population – students from all over the world. The quaint town houses students from over 60 countries and the life in it is built around and for these students. This population profile makes it one of the most cosmopolitan cities with rich experiences beyond compare.

To add to this is Manipal’s scenic beauty. Situated at the foot of the ghats, only miles away from some of India’s most beautiful coastlines, Manipal is the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of the noisy cities.

c.The Good Food Life:

The food culture in Manipal is explosive. There’s food to satisfy your every craving – from creamy pastas to the comfort of a KFC meal, you’ll find it all here. But the most popular choice is the local coastal cuisine. Every student finds a food spot close to their heart and invariably ends up spending half their time in Manipal there.

These are only the tip of the iceberg that is the Manipal experience. The International Center for Applied Sciences, Manipal makes this experience even better through its study abroad program. The Manipal experience is the student life that everybody dreams of! Every student experiences a different Manipal; one that shapes and lays out their future like no other.

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