Maintaining Study-Life Balance While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an enthralling experience. New people, new culture, new academic atmosphere and what not. But all these new things also mean that you have to put in twice as much effort to keep pace or settle in. Not to mention, your parents’ expectations tend to double too. As a result, sometimes you may have to put in too much time into academics that could drain the fun out of the study abroad experience.

It is important to be able to devote some time for personal pursuits, such as indulging in a hobby, exploring the place, working out, or simply just watching a movie or a TV series. In this blog, you will learn how you can keep the study-life balance going and also how ICAS Manipal helps its students with it.

Create a schedule

Making schedules, to-do lists, and filling up calendars is underrated! Firstly, if you have set a goal and a target time for it, working towards it would be easier than haphazard, unplanned goals. Secondly, the sheer joy of striking out activities from your to-do lists is a sense of completion and achievement on its own.

Schedules and lists don’t mean that you have to be a stickler for it. Scheduling your study time and goals, can give you access to some unscheduled fun!

Collect ‘experiences’

The wisest people in history have said that they’ve learned everything that they know from experiences. It is important to go out and experience as many new things and cultures as possible during your study abroad programs. When you return to your home country, you can bring back a newer person, moulded by these experiences. Also you never know when you will ever be able to experience all these things again; so it is important to take the leap and make the most of your chances.  

In time, when you are at a job interview or delivering a moving speech, your experiences can play a big role and take it a step further. Your stories about your time volunteering at a heritage site or backpacking through the mighty forests are the ones that will complement your stories about your academic proficiency during your B.Tech abroad or engineering abroad.

Make a bucket list (with a friend)

You are more likely to do something if there’s someone else pushing you to do so. Get with your friends and make the perfect bucket list for you all to tick off during your time studying abroad.

If you don’t want to make a bucket list with someone else, go ahead and create a solo list. For example, if you are studying abroad with ICAS Canada, you must visit the Niagara Falls and the Banff National Park. We suggest it should be on your travel list for the first semester itself!

Your list can include things such as scoring a certain grade in a subject, learning a new language, befriending a local who isn’t a student, playing a new sport, taking up an extra-credit course out of your stream of focus and so on. Do not limit your dreams and that’s the secret to the yin-yang of your study abroad experience.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preferences. You are the best judge of your time and can take a call regarding how to balance it wisely. But it is important that you get a holistic experience; you can’t spend all your time buried in engineering coursework nor can you shrug it off to just party and travel. Find the line that walks between it and walk it in style. The first step towards it is to select the perfect study abroad course and there are premium institutions such as Manipal’s ICAS that can help you with it.

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