3 Uniquely Australian Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss

Australia is one of the most exciting prospects for a student looking for study abroad programs. It is a true cosmopolitan, given its highly diverse population. This diversity is one of the primary reasons for its popularity as a choice of study abroad destination. The land down under is home to some of the most world renowned universities, with 6 of them ranking in the top 100 across the globe.

While the academic scenario is flourishing in Australia, at the same time, there are various attractions for students across the country to experience, making their study abroad wholesome.

Australia has a lot to offer for students irrespective of their courses; It is a foodie’s paradise, a nature lover’s heaven, and an outdoor activity seeker’s utopia. Besides your studies, you can immerse in rich cultural and outdoorsy experiences, thereby making your stay in Australia truly memorable.

Here are 3 unique experiences that students studying abroad in Australia through institutions such as ICAS Manipal shouldn’t miss:  

 1. Indulge in Outdoor Activities

The list of outdoor activities that you can indulge in whilst in Australia are endless. There are avenues to enjoy snorkelling, go hiking in the mountains, relax at the beaches, or simply explore rainforests and freshwater lakes. Here’s a glimpse at what you can do:

  • Hiking:

    You can visit Blue Mountains, which is just an hour’s drive away from Sydney. Due to the precipitation and presence of Eucalyptus trees all around which release oil droplets, the atmosphere is shrouded in a blanket of blue colored air. You can enjoy hiking and an overnight camp here.

  • Snorkelling, Coral Reefs, Forts:

     If you want an all in one experience, then you MUST VISIT the Magnetic Islands. You can do snorkelling at the Geoffrey or Alma Bay, check out the World War 2 forts, and walk along the national park beaches.

 2. Visit Gold Coast

Gold Coast is the perfect location for indulgence. Its notable attractions include theme parks, beaches, rainforests, and most importantly top restaurants that serve delectable cuisines. Australia’s culinary scene should not be missed at any cost, and Gold Coast is the perfect place to indulge in some sumptuous food.

A few must visit places include the Sea World aquatic-themed restaurant, Springbrook National Park, and the Warner Bros. Movie World. In case you’re one for panoramic views, you can enjoy the same at SkyPoint Observation Deck!     

3. Learn about the Aboriginal Culture

If there’s something that’s truly unique to Australia, it is the Aboriginal culture. Regardless of whether you are doing your engineering abroad in Australia or have gone there just as a tourist, learning about the fascinating Aboriginal culture will leave you with a lot of thoughts and open up your mind to a completely new dimension.

They’ve been around since over 40,000 years in that region. Among their most fascinating things is the musical instrument didgeridoo. They are also known for their unique art, craft, handmade artefacts, and boomerangs!   

Australia is a land filled with rich experiences. It is the perfect mix of world class education and a thriving student life. While there are many ways one can realise their dream of studying in Australia, there are institutions such as the International Center for Applied Sciences, Manipal which houses unique study abroad programs such as the International Transfer Program. This allows students to study in India for the first two years and graduate from an international university. It is important to weigh your best options and make the best of your opportunities and Manipal ICAS will help you do just that.

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