Making a Home Out of Your Host Country

If you open your social media profiles right now, you will find at least a dozen of your friends posting pictures of their foreign universities and their experiences in foreign countries. No doubt, Study Abroad Programs are becoming a popular choice among Indian students. They not only give you a chance to earn a degree from a reputed institute but also help you in gaining a once in a lifetime experience that will broaden your horizons and develop a personality. But the only thing that Indian students are worried about when it comes to moving abroad is homesickness.

There are many ways in which you can adapt yourself well to your host country and make it feel like home. Here are some tips that will come handy if you are going for your arts, commerce, or engineering abroad:

Join Student Organizations at the University

As soon as you arrive in a new country, you are bound to feel lonely. You will start reminiscing about your home country and start making comparisons on just about everything you come across. It’s the ‘people’ who make you feel at home, and not the place itself. To cope with loneliness, join student organizations at your university.

We recommend joining a minimum of two clubs. The first one could be an organization related to your actual home country so that you can keep your culture and tradition alive, and the other one related to your host country in order to understand their cultures, customs etc.

Grab Internship or Part-Time Job Opportunities

An internship or a part-time job is a great way to connect with more people and make some meaningful acquaintances outside of your classroom. You may have to check the pre-requisites for working in a foreign country, as every country has its own laws governing the same.

An internship will help you in understanding what makes the host country different from yours, the likes and preferences of people, the work culture, and the kind of communication styles that work well, among other things.

Learn the Host Language

Do you know what brings people closer? A common language. You can easily befriend people or at least get them to like you if you talk to them in their native language. We aren’t telling you to learn the entire language of your host country; just a few common phrases. Learn how to say greetings such as good morning and thank you, and a few phrases that you will have to use daily while dealing with cab drivers, storekeepers, or your neighbours.

Indulge in local activities

Every region has a set of favourite activities that people prefer to undertake during weekends or holidays. For example, if you visit the Pacific Northwestern regions in the US, you will find that people love hiking. On the other hand, if you are in the southern states, you will notice that people love hitting the beaches.

Try to find out what brings people together, and make sure to indulge in those activities. This will not only help you bond with the locals but also make you feel like a part of your host country while doing you study abroad.

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