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Every year, 1.5 million engineers in India graduate with the dream of landing their ‘dream job’. But, the harsh reality is that a lot of engineering students don’t get the right amount of training and exposure that can equip them for these jobs. There are only a few handpicked institutions in the country that truly inculcate a holistic and hands-on learning culture among their students, preparing them for the job they want and desire.

The International Center for Applied Sciences, Manipal, is one such institution that follows a robust academic methodology which allows students to not only learn but also thrive. It bases its teaching and evaluation model on the best universities in the United States, which is known for a high degree of practical exposure and academic excellence. As a result, students who come out from this program are highly employable and find top notch engineering jobs across the globe.

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ICAS’ professional advantage:

1. Graduate with an international degree:

The International Transfer Program from Manipal ICAS is a unique study abroad program wherein one can complete the first two years at Manipal and the last two years in a country and university of their choice from the long list of ICAS’ associated universities. The graduate degree will come from the international university that the student chooses. The choice of countries include United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Several prestigious universities like University of Buffalo – SUNY, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, Cornell University, and Texas A&M etc. have partnered with Manipal ICAS. All you need is a very good CGPA and good SAT or ACT score at the end of 2 years in order to get into a university of your choice.

2. Global Exposure:

A foreign education is the best way to inculcate a cross-cultural perspective on everything; it is also the best teacher for survival in various cultural and foreign scenarios. It helps better one’s communication skills and their ability to adapt to different situations. Studying Abroad also helps one get a fresh perspective on their ideologies and more. The extended exposure to another culture results in a more open purview, recognizing and understanding the importance of diversity, and being more tolerant of cultural differences. This becomes an instant hit on a person’s resume.

3. Get Placed Abroad: 

Over 1,500 students have graduated from Manipal ICAS’ partner universities abroad, and the number only keeps growing. A lot of these students specializing in various streams of engineering have landed top notch jobs in highly deemed organizations in USA, Australia and more. They earn competitive salaries ranging from $55,000 to $85,000!
In fact, after studying for a year, some universities offer students the chance to enroll in a summer internship program where they start earning handsome money right away.

4. Hands-on Training in Relevant Industries: 

One of the highlights of studying engineering in Manipal is its Innovation Centre. It is all about turning young talents to develop useful and socially responsible products and services. This is a huge opportunity for students to make use of the infrastructure the campus provides for their professional growth. Another opportunity that you are provided with is filing patents for your ideas and innovation with potential. Manipal produces an average of ten patented ideas every year. This not only adds value to one’s CV, but the patent process prepares you for a world of hurdles, chances and challenges in the real world set up. An ICAS student can use the work experience he gained from the innovation centre to find admissions in the best Universities for their study abroad and ultimately make it through to bigger opportunities in the industry abroad.

Placements are the primary consideration of anyone entering an engineering program. But, what many don’t realize is that great placements are the by-product of superlative learning. According to statistics, only 7% of engineering graduates who pass out every year are employable. But, with Manipal ICAS’ exposure, students get that professional edge right from the start.

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