Why Is ICAS the Perfect Study Abroad Choice?

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity. It not only gives one a global educational exposure on an unimaginable scale, it also opens doors for newer experiences, cultures and more. Doing your engineering abroad or your B. Tech abroad can help you gain more than you sign up for. The edge that an international degree can offer is undeniable; but to get the best and most of an international degree, where and how you choose to do it is important.

While the options for someone in India to study abroad are abundant, the ones promising quality are few and far between. One of the most popular and sought after programs for students’ study abroad dreams is the International Transfer Program at Manipal’s ICAS. From 90+ foreign universities to choose from to preparing the students for their time abroad, ICAS is the perfect choice for your study abroad.

A look into Manipal ICAS

Manipal’s International Centre for Applied Sciences is a unique program designed for students wishing to complete their engineering abroad. The program was instituted in 1994 with an aim to encourage deserving students to complete their education in international engineering colleges. By being a part of the ICAS program, students get the best of both worlds – they spend the first two years of their engineering course at Manipal Academy of Higher Education and then opt for their preferred university for the remaining duration. The credit transfer system is smooth. Students receive their certifications from the foreign university upon completing their graduation along with access to placement opportunities.


The ICAS program has over 90 international colleges on its partner panel. But apart from that, there are a tons of reasons why ICAS is perfect for you to pursue an international degree:

1.Global exposure

For engineering students, an opportunity to intern with some of the best names in the field, and learn about the latest innovations and techniques is a vital factor in building a successful career. With the ICAS program, they can do just that in a hassle-free environment.

2.Learn more for lesser

Funding an international degree is one of the biggest barriers for anyone dreaming to pursue it. But the International Transfer Program puts that worry to rest. Since the students spend the first two years of their coursework in India, they save up to 40% on their fees as compared to students who spend four years abroad.

3.Placements Galore  

The ICAS benefit doesn’t end with your degree. The practical learning culture, hands-on experience and staying on top of industry trends have bagged ICAS students jobs and careers at the most prestigious organizations, both abroad and in India. So far, ICAS students have been successfully placed in jobs with annual salary packages ranging between $55,000 and $85,000 abroad.

4.Practical Learning Culture  

ICAS prepares its students in a well-rounded manner for the study abroad program and for the world. Its experiential and practical learning has served as the stepping stones for many of the brightest minds in this country. Unlike other engineering colleges in India, where students choose a particular stream before beginning their course, the ICAS Program focuses more on concepts and innovation. This helps students choose their specializations better; which they are allowed to change after first semester.

5.A Program that Prepares You Well

During your first two years in India, ICAS Manipal does everything in its power to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for your final two years in a foreign country. From helping you with paperwork to giving you the opportunity to discuss your options with delegates from various universities, ICAS students are ready to take their study abroad head on.

Studying abroad helps one’s development, both professionally and personally. It makes them a more attractive candidate for potential employers and it also gives them a better sense of self. And, studying abroad with Manipal’s International Center for Applied Sciences, makes it an even better experience.  

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