Mechanical Engineering: Innovating for the World

Over the years, Mechanical Engineering has evolved from being one of the least preferred course to a dynamic stream that touches the way a variety of industries function. Students, who opt to pursue this field, are involved with the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, operations and maintenance of mechanical systems.

While fields like Computer Science and Information Technology still hold fort as the most sought after disciplines, Mechanical Engineering is definitely making a space for itself. Without it as a discipline, the world would not have important inventions such as engines, elevators, air conditioners to the more modern machines that incessantly make our lives that much easier.

Mechanical engineers are in demand across the globe and enjoy a very high starting salary too. Most of them tend to be multi-faceted as they are given a strong working knowledge of computer applications, physics, mathematics, and structures to name a few, and an in-depth understanding of socio-environmental factors as well.

Mechanical engineering is not just a degree, it transforms an individual into an expert who can analyse, create, manage, maintain and offer innovative solutions to improve the overall quality of life. When it comes to developing new technologies for different industries like healthcare, robotics, aerospace and transportation, mechanical engineers are the most sought-after. The career paths of mechanical engineers are largely determined by the choices they make and this in itself is a big advantage in this dynamic world. Mechanical engineers are capable of working in a wide variety of industry sectors, and new technologies will create industries that don’t exist today. Mechanical engineers are no longer confined to the traditional industries of aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing, but are also employed extensively in important emerging areas, such as nuclear technology, robotics, biomedical technology and energy systems.

Some of the noteworthy contributions that have transformed millions of lives:

3D-printed rotor 

A device which freezes seawater and separates the solid form from it, leaving only plain ice, which once melted, can be used as regular water.

Edible Plastic Bags 

An innovation to battle single use plastic that degrades easily and is much safer for the environment and the fauna that might consume them.

Ecofriendly Lamps 

An energy efficient solution that has the potential to light up more that 40% of the rural areas across the globe

Solar Thermal Energy – An unique energy efficient design that generates steam at a higher temperature which in turn can be utilized to produce electrical power and reduce global carbon footprint.

Mechanical Engineers are making strides with these innovations that are making sure that the future of the world is secured and sustainable. The opportunities in the field are in abundance and there are premium instituition across the globe that help students stay on top of these trends and opportunities and allows them to innovate for a better tomorrow. For instance, Manipal’s International Center for Applied Sciences offers students a comprehensive course in Mechanical Engineering, where students are exposed to industrial trends through hands-on learning. At ICAS, students also have the opportunity to study mechanical engineering abroad through their unique International Transfer Program.

Opportunities lie in abundance in this field and now is the time to explore them. Choosing the right institution is your gateway for that.

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