Aeronautical Degree: Helping You Reach for the Skies

There aren’t many educational disciplines that evoke a similar kind of excitement as aeronautical engineering can. Just the thought of designing space crafts or airplanes for a living seems incredible, because it is a field that can literally help you fly high in your career. That being said, it is a demanding field, but the payoff is equally good. The respect and the salary structure commanded by an aeronautical engineer are proportionate to the amount of hard work involved. And as the quests for making airplanes faster and safer, and exploring the space keep gaining momentum, aeronautical engineers will always find a lot of work.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how an aeronautical degree can help you reach for the skies –

Help change the world

When you think of the future, what do you envision? A lot of people say that they see colonies on Mars, doing intercontinental travel within a couple of hours, or mining minerals and precious stones on other planets and their moons. All these things require the expertise of aeronautical engineers. They are the ones who design sophisticated aircrafts and improve existing systems. And while they may sound like distant dreams, companies are actually working towards achieving them.

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Soar towards incredible opportunities

Aeronautical Engineers earn handsome salaries. If you do your B Tech Engineering abroad, you can expect an average salary of $100,000, which is close to Rs. 70 Lakh in India. If you plan to work in India, you can expect over Rs. 6,00,000 as an average salary. The salary increases with experience, and is also dependent upon the company you are working for. If you work for a Government company in India such as HAL, ISRO, DRDO and the likes, there’s a chance of easily earning between Rs. 1-2 lakhs per month.

Take advantage of India’s growing aeronautical base

Over the past 5 years, India has successfully built and launched about 36 indigenous missiles into space, making it an average of 7 a year. India’s space missions are at an all-time high currently, and the need for qualified aeronautical engineers is more than ever. Plan your engineering abroad, because right now is a good time to enter into this field and also work on projects that directly advance the country’s space missions.

Source: https://akm-img-a-in.tosshub.com/indiatoday/images/story/201509/mars-orbiter-647-x–404_092115035117.jpg

As a part of the Make in India initiative, the Indian Government is also inviting notable aerospace companies to setup manufacturing units in India, thereby enabling the creation of more jobs for qualified aeronautical engineers.

The future is out there for the aeronautical engineers to envision and create. Till now, we are only talking about making the airplanes faster and safer, but in the coming years, there will be an increasing need for flying cars or partially flying trains in urban areas. The possibilities are endless, and only those who enter into this industry right now will be in a position to take advantage of the benefits this field has to offer in the future. It would be wise to look at some study abroad programs in this field right now so that you can earn quality educational qualifications.

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