What’s ‘Buzzing’ in the World of Electrical Engineering?

Imagine a life without electricity. It’s not possible right? There wouldn’t be any connection to log on to the internet, nor a device for you to read this blog on. Electrical Engineers have made things so simple for us that we often forget to sit back and introspect about the things we enjoy. Until, of course, the electricity goes off and we feel handicapped without Wi-Fi, desktop, and the TV. Everything right from communications to computers, and transportation to healthcare is powered by inventions that electrical engineers have developed.

Given the rate of growth of technology, electrical engineers are also trying to maintain their pace with the same. There are some incredible inventions that have been developed by students recently, who have been studying engineering abroad and many more are in the pipeline.

Power Converter for Renewable Energy

We have abundant opportunities around us to produce electricity, right from utilizing the sun’s heat to the wind’s motion. But given the fact that the weather can be erratic, we can’t depend on any one renewable source for producing electricity. Researchers and a Ph.D. candidate pursuing an electrical engineering study abroad degree at the University of Arkansas have managed to invent an electricity converter that can accept energy from a variety of renewable sources like solar, wind, geothermal etc. and convert it to electricity.


Current energy converters are inefficient, and don’t have the capability of simultaneously accepting and converting energy from a variety of different sources.

Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking remains one of the fundamental challenges for marketer and sales personnel. Information about which parts of the print ad catch a viewer’s eye the most, and how do customers look at shelves inside retail outlets are vital for helping them understand how to better improve their marketing activities. Eye tracking technology employs wearable sensors that can track the movement of your eyes.

Source: eyetracking.com

Eye tracking can find application in a variety of fields. For instance, tech developers and UX designers would want to know how a user’s eyes move when using a mobile app, whereas logistics companies would want to find out whether their driver is looking at the road while driving or does he feel sleepy? It can help in improving road safety.

Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi

The jokes doing the rounds these days is that Wi-Fi should be included as a basic need along with food-water-shelter. Our dependence on Wi-Fi is reaching unimaginable levels, and we truly feel despaired if we don’t have internet connection. The speed of Wi-Fi is highly dependent upon electrical engineering. The size of a semiconductor and how the chips are made have an important role to play. Engineers in Germany have successfully tested Wi-Fi connection at over 40 gigabytes per second! That’s effectively more than twice the fastest speed that is currently available in the market.

There is some cutting edge work going on in the field of electrical engineering. While computer and mechanical engineers may develop new tools, the basis for powering them remains electrical engineering! It’s a right time to dive into this immersive field if you want a rewarding career, and b.tech engineering program in the field can certainly get you going!


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