Analyzing the Different Career Paths with CSE

The rising trend of start-ups and the e-commerce boom in India have given a new lease of life to computer science engineering jobs. Job creation was the need of the hour in India, where millions of engineers graduate every year and start looking out for jobs. But there were only so many good jobs that one could apply for. Going by the current scenario, e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart, and tech biggies like Google and Microsoft are shelling out huge pay packets. New kinds of technology in the making and new-age start-ups are ensuring newer avenues for computer science graduates.


Here are some of the different career paths that you can undertake after a computer science B Tech engineering degree –

1.      Mobile App Developer

By 2022, India is slated to have close to 900 million smartphone users. No points for guessing why every company is going behind mobile app developers. As a mobile developer, you will have to work closely with UX and visual designers, and product managers, for understanding what the consumer needs and crafting your code accordingly.

Skillset required: Knowledge of CSS, HTML, Java, Python, C, and C++.  If you pursue engineering abroad, you can expect a starting salary of $90,000.

In India, the starting salary can range from Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 15,00,000 depending upon the size of the company.

2.      Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are some of the most common buzzwords in the engineering circle today. And if there ever was a time to become a machine learning engineer, it’s right now! As a machine learning engineer, your job will be to develop algorithms that can help a program or device keep self-learning based on every experience they have, and every touch point that they encounter.

Skillset required: Knowledge of probability and statistical methods, advanced signal processing, Python, Java, C++, and algorithms, among other things.

Machine Learning jobs are one of the hottest jobs currently. The starting salary can range upwards of Rs. 8,00,000.

Source: imarticus.org

3.      Systems Architect

As companies are collecting and storing massive amounts of data, the need for data and network architecture becomes immense. As a systems architect, you will design technologies that best support your company’s IT infrastructure, and work on solutions that comply with your company’s architectural needs.

Skillset Required: As a systems architect, you will be required to be thorough with C#, ASP/.net, SQL, Python etc.

In India, the average salary for a systems architect is around  Rs. 12,00,000

4.      Web Developer

One of the best times to become a web developer was right before the 2000 dot com bubble. The second best is right now! Every company seeks web developers who can structure websites in a way that can optimize traffic, and create a rich customer experience. Typically, web developers work with website designers and SEO experts to come up with a website that meets both aesthetic and business needs.


Skillsets Required: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, responsive design, knowledge of developer tools.

The average salary for a web developer starts around Rs. 500,000, but if you have design skills, you can very well expect that figure to go up by 2 or 3 times!

The time is ripe for you to pursue computer science engineering. It is one job that doesn’t get affected by seasonality, and every industry always requires the services of a skilled computer engineer.


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