Mechatronics: A Diverse and Exciting Field

If you are a B Tech aspirant, you must have come across the term Mechatronics while researching about the possible fields to pursue during your bachelors, and might have wondered what is the fuss all about? Mechatronics is a specialized branch of engineering that beautifully sits at the confluence of some of the most important engineering degrees like computers, electronics, and mechanical.

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Mechatronic Engineers have a good understanding of the disciplines that constitute this field, and additionally may have specialized knowledge in one of the disciplines. This makes them an invaluable asset in organizations where the different departments like mechanical, computer systems, and electronics have to work closely with each other for developing solutions. They bring synergy to teams and help in developing products that require an interdisciplinary approach.

So, why is it that many people haven’t heard about it yet? If you choose any study abroad program, there are higher chances of you coming across this (chemical engineering), but it is still not a very popular discipline in India. The curriculum design requires a certain expertise that not every university possesses, and the presence of high quality faculty is necessary for disseminating such courses. That being said, the applications of this field are immense, and the requirement of skilled mechatronic B Tech engineering graduates will be high in the coming future.

Why study Mechatronics?

Not many people are aware that some of the most common yet useful inventions right from an espresso machine to an X-Ray machine are accomplishments of mechatronics. There are various reasons that will compel you to consider it as your specialization –

1.Master multiple skills: As a mechatronics engineer, you will get a chance to exercise various skills right from creative to analytical. You will be a part of an interdisciplinary learning environment that will teach you the basics of computer systems, electronics, and mechanical, whilst allowing you to choose your own domain and excel in one or more of them.

2.Work on high-impact projects: The world is moving towards automation, and guess which field is the master in robotics and automation? It’s mechatronics! In the near future, mechatronics engineers will be involved in a majority of high impact automation projects be it automated assistants inside banks or robotic concierge at hotels. These are just a couple of examples from the hundreds of things that companies are investing their time and energy in. The time is ripe to enter into this field and work on cutting edge things that can make a difference.

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3.Be in-demand always: It is often said that certain jobs are subject to seasonality. For example, financial advisors and bankers find themselves short of work during recession, whereas civil engineers find themselves at the wrong end of the employment spectrum whenever housing bubbles burst. But a mechatronics engineer is adept at multiple skills, and will always find employment regardless of the season!

The world is changing rapidly and companies are looking out for talented prospects who are not just skilled in a single field of study but are versatile. As such, mechatronics presents itself as a viable career opportunity!


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