Why Electronics Engineering Promises a Great Future?

While humans plan for the future, the future is unravelling itself in front of us every day. Every single time you refresh Facebook or check your Whatsapp, a wall post or a video shared by a friend will talk about an electronic invention that startles you. You must have already seen how Samsung is boasting about foldable phones, whereas Logitech is giving the world a vertical mouse. Who are behind some of these most amazing inventions? While there’s definitely a contribution of engineers from other fields too, electronics engineers are greatly responsible for these developments.

If you are deciding between different B tech engineering streams, you would definitely want to give electronics engineering a thought. Electronics Engineering will play a big part in the way humans design their future, because we are moving towards the internet-of-things, where every device will be connected to every other device, creating a network of billions of devices. And when we talk about devices and communication, the first and foremost people that we envision are electronic engineers!

If you are still not convinced, here’s why a degree in electronics engineering will be fruitful for you –

1.      Robotics and Automation

The world is moving towards smart automation. If you have an Alexa of Google Home device at home, you already know what we are talking about. But in the near future, robots are expected to perform 50% of the jobs that humans currently do, such as being an assistant in a bank, a concierge at a hotel, or a server at a restaurant. The world has already seen a robot assisted medical surgery, and it’s said that robots may compete with professional footballers by 2050! All these developments will require the services of electronics engineers who can design circuits, transmission devices, and communication systems.

Source: multichannelmerchant.com

2.      5G and beyond – IoT

The onset of 5G will see not only mobile internet speeds getting boosted but also several other devices and machines getting interconnected with each other. Currently, we have 7 billion devices in the world, which equals the number of people on this planet. With faster connectivity, the number of devices will rise exponentially every 5 years. Imagine the number of engineers who will be required to work on these technologies and devices if the customer needs are to be met.

Source: 1.medium.com

3.      The Space Race

Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are just two of the many companies vying for the space race. Virgin Galactic has already put its first flight in space, and SpaceX will not be far behind. These companies and engineering abroad in general is to do the incredible – make space tourism possible. This is as far as we can currently see the future. Telecommunication networks is slated to play a massive role in this conquest of space, and will only be made possible by the brightest mind in the field of electronics and telecommunication.

Source: images.newscientist.com

The demand for electronics engineers looks positive in the future. It will be a job market that will not be affected by cycles of recession or depression. It is a great field to explore if you are still undecided about your career choices.




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