Why Opt for a Career in Electrical Engineering Abroad?

Many of the things that we are thankful to science for today are actually made possible by electrical engineers. Right from smartphones to surveillance systems, and kitchen gadgets to spacecrafts, their contribution in getting these ideas to fruition has been immense. It is an ever growing field that has tremendous job opportunities in the future, and the good news is that there are plenty more reasons to choose this field for your engineering abroad journey.

So, for today, let’s find out why you should opt for a career in electrical engineering abroad.

1.      Enable future technologies

The world is currently at such an interesting juncture where we all are an arm’s length away from touching technologies like the driverless car, 3D home printers, and robotic football players. As an electrical engineer, you will get to design circuits and systems that can make these futuristic technologies possible. It is intricate, challenging, and rewarding.

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2.      Get a good starting salary

In 2018, the median income of electrical and electronics engineers was a whopping $99,000! The growth rate was consistent, at about 7% per annum, and there were over 3.2 lakh jobs in 2016. You can be certain of getting a nice starting job and a good salary if you study B Tech abroad.

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Make society a better place

Every development worked upon by electrical engineers is no less than a blessing for mankind. Life has become so much easier because of these inventions, right from a telephone to a microwave. Security devices help in making public places like airports, malls, and railway stations safer, whereas medical devices like X-Ray machines and MRI machines help in diagnosing disorders faster than ever. Electrical engineering offers you a chance to serve mankind in a way that you’d have not thought until now.

3.      Work around the globe

There’s demand for electrical engineers all over the planet. You don’t need to change your skillsets to be able to work somewhere else. Also, you have so much to choose from that you can always switch and still not be worried about your skillsets being relevant –

Automotive industry – Applications include power engines, lighting systems, movement controls, and entertainment systems like audio panels, speakers etc. Also, thinking about the future, the driverless cars will require a 360 degree innovation in terms of all these components.

Defence Industry – Defence industry still remains a secret for many, but from what we know, an electrical engineer is required for developing sophisticated weaponry, control systems for fighter jets, radio frequency tools etc.

Built Environments and Architecture – This essentially involves looking after everything that can be installed inside residential, commercial, and public spaces. These things include home and office lighting, security cameras and alarm systems, and everything that you can look around inside your homes and workplaces.

If you are a DIY technician and have a passion for fixing everything that’s broken at your place, or even creating something extraordinary out of nothing, you are the right kind of mind for pursuing a B.Tech Engineering degree in electrical engineering. A curiosity for building such products is what can help you get there, and a degree abroad can certainly help you think out of the box and unleash your imagination.

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