4 Electronics Engineering Inspirations for You

Electronics and Telecommunications engineering has played a pivotal role in bringing some of modern era’s most important inventions to life. And looking at the way things are going, these engineers are not going to stop any time soon. There are tons of unbelievable inventions that are waiting to hit the market in the areas of mobile technology, computing, Internet-of-Things, transportation, and retail. If you aspire to pursue B Tech engineering in Electronics, here are some future inventions that will make your decision stronger, because you may graduate and work for a company that’s building one of these things!

Eye Tracking Technology

One of the most important data points that advertisers and marketers wish to collect is how people are viewing their ad campaigns. By developing sensors that can track the movement of your eyeballs and more specifically the retina, marketers can know which part of the ad is of the greatest interest to their consumers. It can provide a lot of intelligence for designing subsequent campaigns or modifying existing ones.

Source: seasiainfotech

A few brands like Expedia are already doing it in-house, by calling customers and asking them to browse different versions of their websites and ads to see which ones are more eye-catchy.

5G enabled I-o-T applications

Safety has always been the concern around self-driven cars and other self-operated gadgets. A millisecond worth of lag in connectivity while braking is enough to turn a safe driving experience into a dangerous accident. 5G will not only make things faster, but also free from latency.

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5G, which is still a few years away from full scale deployment and adoption, will enable smooth working of I-o-T. Doctors can sit in their clinic and supervise a robot-assisted surgery somewhere in another city and get real time reports, you can put your parents in a self-driven vehicle and help them navigate the route to their high-school reunion by being in another country whilst keeping track of their safety etc.

Radar Sensors to help Blind people

Electrical and Electronics Engineering abroad is scaling new heights everyday. Researchers at St. Andrews University, UK, have developed a radar system called RadarCat that can help blind people detect objects. It is so powerful that it can differentiate between two bottles, each containing a different liquid. The sensors used in this project were originally created by Google for an entirely different purpose, but have been repurposed by the researchers to create a device that could help blind people.

Drones for planting trees

UN FAO estimates that we lose close to 18 million acres of forest land every year. This directly contributes to an increase in the carbon emissions as well as global warming. Recently, engineers have started using drones to plant trees. These tree-planting drones can drop ‘seed missiles’ at a very rapid speed, thereby turning the manual labor of several weeks into a couple of hours’ work. Pakistan, Myanmar, and now even India are benefitting from these kind of drones.

Source: images.fastcompany.net

All of these inventions have the capability of impacting the world and changing its order to a great degree. If these inventions interest you, it would be worth checking out an engineering abroad program. By studying abroad, you can get an opportunity to work with companies that are making a difference and contribute meaningfully.

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