Why a CSE Degree Will Hold Good in the Long Run?

The perpetually expanding world of computing technology and the internet is showing no signs of stopping. In fact, every year it is growing at a much more exponential rate, just the way Computer Science jobs will, given the context of the growth. No wonder, the number of people pursuing engineering study abroad in the field of Computer Science hit an all-time high 2 years ago in the United States. The number of people who completed this degree stood at 49,000 and crossed the 2003 mark of 48,500 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Computer Science jobs are not just here to stay, but they are indeed the future. A lot of upcoming inventions will convince you that doing a B.Tech Engineering in Computer Science will do you good in the long run. Let’s take a look at some mind-blowing applications that are being worked upon, all in one context. Imagine a manufacturing unit, that produces bricks for building homes. Now let’s see how various technologies play out in this setting –

Blockchain – Blockchain became popular due to its application in Bitcoins. Regardless of the acceptance or rejection of the concept of virtual currency, the technology of blockchain can be vital in a lot of fields for keeping a cryptographic, growing list of record. In this context, it is important to maintaining the amount of raw material procured from each source, the amount consumed, and the final output. It requires a high computing power, and sophisticated IT infrastructure.

AR / VR  – Factory owners can use AR devices to accomplish a range of tasks right from training the employees to carry out quality control checks. Instead of actually training the employees while the production process is on, employees can be trained by wearing VR headsets or holding AR devices that can simulate the process, thereby saving a lot of resources.

Predictive Maintenance and Industrial IoT – IoT stands for Internet of Things, a situation where every device or sensor ‘talks to’ every other device. Manufacturing units report that the highest amount of cost incurred comes due to repairing machines, vehicles, or devices when they break down. By using IoT, information about the health of a machine or vehicle can be passed in real-time to a computer system. If there is any indication of deterioration in health, precautionary measures can be taken before the situation becomes worse.

Robotics – Amazon and Flipkart have already introduced Robot handlers in their warehouses. These robots carry packages from the desired aisle and shelf to the intended location within the warehouse.

How would the development of all these technologies take place if not for Computer Science graduates? Sure, there’s electronics and mechanics involved in these futuristic technologies, but the chief enabler, i.e. the underlying layer in all these developments would be that of computer science. Besides that, the ever growing amount of data on a day to day basis, and the need for supercomputers to cope up with sophisticated computing devices is opening up avenues for roles such as IT solutions architect, Database Administrator, and a recently popular one – Mobile App Developer. Indeed, the future is bright for those looking to pursue their computer science engineering program from a university abroad!

It’s a great time to invest some time and money in a computer science degree. It is one field that will always have abundant jobs!


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