Time to Understand the Applications of Mechatronics Engineering

You must have heard about mechanical engineering, and you might be familiar with electronics engineering. What on earth is Mechatronics engineering? Well, it is precisely the combination of both these fields, with an added layer of computing technology. It was first explored as a field by engineering abroad where it started gaining a lot of popularity, but now-a-days it is being offered as a specialization in many top notch Universities even in India.

The applications of mechatronics engineering include both everyday items right from a mixer in your kitchen to the braking systems in your car, as well as highly sophisticated machinery used for industrial manufacturing to sophisticated robots inside retail warehouses. Let’s have a look at some of the actual applications of this field

Agricultural Robots

Farming is one of the most time-consuming processes across all GDP contributing sectors in India. Due to lack of manpower and the budget to hire people for managing farms, farmers usually do all the activities with the help of their families. The amount of time invested in the output received is not really a fair equation. That’s where Mechatronics engineers come to the rescue.

Mechatronics engineers are developing robots that can perform the following functions –

  • Spraying – There are fewer worries a farmer faces that are as grave as seeing the crops getting destroyed by pests. Agricultural robots can detect pests and spray chemicals to neutralize their threat.
  • Harvesting – Harvesting is a pretty time-consuming process. Engineers have developed robots that can assist in this process.
  • Citrus Picking – Imagine picking out thousands of fruits in an orchard manually. Now imagine having a machine that automatically detects, picks, and collects all of them for you!

Source: interestingengineering.com

Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

As pollution and global warming raise concerns, engineers and thinkers are out to find better solutions to things that contribute to the same. Cars are one of the major sources of causing pollution, and it is one area where mechatronics engineers can help. Mechanical and Electrical engineers are focusing on developing electric vehicles that can cause a much lesser impact on the environment as compared to traditional vehicles.

Source: terrapass.com

Electrical vehicles are much more energy efficient in converting electricity to movement as compared to traditional vehicles that do it with diesel or petrol. There’s no by-product on combustion as well, which is usually the case with non-electric vehicles. The best part about these vehicles is that they are pretty economical. There’s a common notion that they don’t look as attractive, but car manufacturers are giving a pretty solid answer to that misconception!

The applications of mechatronics engineering far exceed the knowledge we currently have about them. They produce objects of common use, as well as industrial goods that common people may never know of. They are a vital clog in the automation, and manufacturing businesses because they can provide a holistic vision on the development of machinery and robots from angles of mechanics, electronics, and computing. B Tech Engineering in Mechatronics is gaining steam across the world, and because it is still relatively new, it would be worthwhile to explore it now.


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