Analysing the Career Paths That a Mechatronics Engineer Can Take!

If you’ve completed your higher secondary, it’s natural that you must weighing up so many different options as to what to do next. And if you’ve graduated from the science stream, there’s an even better chance that you’re thinking about a B.Tech Engineering course as an option. After all, the career options are near limitless, and there are so many different courses you can take up.

Mechatronics engineering is an upcoming field that is gaining momentum both abroad as well as in India. It combines the expertise of mechanical, electronics, and computers, and is therefore extremely relevant with respect to all the upcoming inventions in the next couple of decades. Regardless of whether you pursue your engineering abroad or in India, you will gain access to some of the best career options after graduation.

1.      Robotics Technician

Robotics technicians can be called the doctors of robots. They test the robots daily and then maintain the performance logs. In case of any issues, they diagnose the cause and assist in fixing those problems. In today’s day and age, a robotics technician’s skill sets should be geared towards predictive maintenance.

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2.      Product Designer

Talking of well-paying jobs, product designing is one of the most interesting and in-demand jobs in the market currently. Every product, service, application, and website needs a product designer. A mechatronics engineers’ skills may be more relevant with tech products, and they can prepare wireframes, prototypes, and proposals for the same.

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3.      Flight Engineer

A flight engineer is probably one of the most important people associated with an aeroplane. They inspect and assess every single element before the take off. These include checking oil, wings, cabin and oil pressure, tailwinds, landing equipment, and probably a hundred other things. Without their clearance, an aircraft cannot get a green signal to fly. Even during the flight, they are the ones conveying vital information about the wind pressure and weather.

4.      Patent Examiner

Can you tell who invented the first robot that assisted doctors during surgery? Is research and trivia your thing? If yes, you should definitely try to focus on a career as a patent examiner. Your job will include researching a new patent filing and determining whether it is original, useful, and novel. Not only that, but also you will have to make sure that the new invention falls within the purview of current laws and regulations in India and abroad.

5.      Entrepreneur!

Well, most people don’t think of entrepreneurship in today’s day and age, but trust us that it is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling career paths you can take. The world currently has a lot of problems to be solved, right from creating smart fuel for reducing carbon footprint to robots that can assist people with disabilities. If you identify the right problem and create an effective mechatronics solution for it, the possibilities are endless. That being said, an engineering study abroad program in mechatronics can certainly help you dig deep on the research front and let you come up with innovative solutions for the market.

All in all, it must be said that the options available to you in the mechatronics field are as diverse as they are exciting. It is a field where innovation is the name of the game, and so if you were always interested in the science of robotics, this is the perfect field to bring your childhood dream alive!

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