5 Study Abroad Myths Demystified

While some people search high and low for a study abroad course, some try to avoid it altogether. The reason? They probably have their ears filled with rumours and gossips regarding overseas education, most of which are completely baseless! Indeed, if you’ve always dreamt of studying abroad, whether it is to experience a different perspective in education or different ways of living altogether, there’s no reason you shouldn’t opt for an engineering study abroad program or any other course abroad!

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So, it’s time to separate facts from fictions. Let’s demystify a few common studies abroad myths so that you can have a much clearer perspective regarding your future.

Myth#1: It’s so expensive!

This one is a popular one, but what many people don’t understand is that the costs depend on many factors and not all study abroad courses are exorbitantly priced. The price depends on the country you’re going to, the course you have chosen and the kind of place you choose to stay in. When you’re doing only a semester abroad, like in a B. Tech Engineering abroad program, you are saving 40% as compared to those who do their entire course abroad.

Myth#2: You can’t survive without knowing the local language

When you’re looking to do a course abroad, you’re probably looking to do it in English anyway, so it’s not required that you learn another language. With the effect of globalization, universities are focusing on being more inclusive and they too have many courses taught in English to attract foreign students. When you are at the off campus, you can use translation apps like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, etc. These apps translate speech, text, and images and make communication simple.

Myth#3: Travelling abroad is more fun

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Sure, travelling is fun, but if you study abroad, you get to do both study and travel. You get a more immersive experience of your host country than if you were to just travel through it. When you get long weekends, you can use that time to leave town and explore even more! You get to know the locals, the neighbourhood and the best-kept secrets of the city, when you travel you get to see the big sites and not much more.

Myth#4: It’s all about fun, you won’t get any studying done

TVs and movies always show college life like it’s one big party, but remember, college life is what you make it. If you choose to see it as an experiment at being independent and to learn then that’s what it becomes. It will become less about parties and more about what you can learn from the experience of studying abroad.

Myth#5: It’s just not safe

A lot of people are scared at the thought of being so far away from home and the dangers of being in a new country, that’s normal. You have nothing to worry about though, each university strives to make all students feel welcome. They have people to guide you and provide information about safe neighbourhoods to stay in, safe bus routes, etc or might even introduce you to students who live close by and will travel with you. Being safe and feeling secure when you’re in abroad is one of the top concerns in any good university.

Have you heard of more such myths? Just let us know and we can help you demystify them. All study abroad courses have a lot to offer you, don’t hesitate to find out more.



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