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When you’re considering an engineering study abroad program in the field of computer science, you must naturally be thinking about how different things are as compared to similar courses closer to home. Questions such as, ‘will I be given chances to test my innovative skills?’ and ‘will my course be just about booking programming knowledge?’ must be going through your head. But not to worry, because there are some answers which will certainly provide good news for you.

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Study abroad courses give you opportunities to be involved in some of the most exciting and cutting-edge projects that can help you test your theoretical skills to the maximum. Right from fingerprint verification systems to emotion-based music players, you can have the chance to work on something that you can truly be proud of in terms of expressing your creativity.

Just to give you an idea of what are the types of projects you can look forward to, here are the best computer science engineering projects you can take up abroad!

Emotion-based music player

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In this project, students developed an algorithm which could ‘detect’ emotions. How it works is that the software aims to read your facial expression and generate a playlist based on your mood! You won’t have to do this manually as the player will detect how you feel and respond automatically. The player has an in-built camera that captures your facial features, and the best part is that the algorithm is 85-90% accurate for predicting the emotions and takes 0.95-1.05 sec for a playlist to be generated.

Crime rate prediction using data mining tools

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Tired of hearing stories about theft and assaults in your city? Well, you just might be able to help your local law enforcement agencies analyse and predict crime rates, even before the crimes happen!

Basically, a group of students created a data mining algorithm to predict crime. The algorithm was called K-means algorithm, and it grouped data related to offenders and organized crime groups, thereby identifying various relevant crime patterns, hidden links, link prediction and statistical analysis of crime data. Thereby, the police could analyse past date to predict crimes which would occur in the future.

Credit card fraud detection system

This project involved creating an algorithm which uses user behaviour and location scanning to check for unusual patterns. Interestingly, these patterns include characteristics such as spending patterns as well as locations from which the user normally created transactions, and so if any unusual pattern is detected – such as a deviation from usual locations or transaction amounts, the system will generate a warning to the user/bank.

Finally, it must be said that these are only a handful of projects that you can take up in your B.Tech abroad program in Computer Science. The list goes on and on, and there’s no reason why you can’t get inspired to create your own project and add it to the list of cool projects that can inspire students in the future!



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