Here are Some Unique CSE Jobs for You

Remember the time you received your first computer? You must have surely had a sense of wonder and amazement at a machine that could open infinite possibilities! Some of us were interested in the software side while some used to enjoy games and applications while some couldn’t resist taking a screwdriver and opening the CPU’s circuitry and explore!

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Now, if you’re the kind who still has that sense of passion about computers and the endless possibilities associated with them, you would be considering a computer science engineering course for your career, even possibly an engineering study abroad program. However, if you’re undecided about what exactly you can do in the field, let us remind you that there are some extremely cool jobs that can help you get excited the field’s prospects once again.

These jobs are not your ordinary, run of the mill desk jobs, these jobs will make you love going to work every day!  Let’s find out what they are.

UAV/Drone Developers

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Drones are taking over the skies, it’s not just used by the military, now drones are used for delivery, photography and much more. As their use keeps increasing, their need would require the development of drones and UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to operate independently – without an operator controlling them, and computer science engineers are the ones who can give drones that intelligence.

Digital Locksmith

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Technology is everywhere, now cars, homes, vaults, safes, etc. are all controlled by technology. As safe as it keeps your assets, if it fails, you need someone to circumvent security protocols using their programming skills; and so in steps the digital locksmith. You need a bit of hacking experience and some computer security knowledge for this job, but it is something that is truly a niche career path!

Virtual Reality Designer

VR is no longer for games and videos; they are expanding into allowing people to explore more. You can explore houses through VR before buying it, soon you can do the same for pretty much anything like cars, hotels, cruises and so on. As the demand increases, so will the demand for VR designers.

Personal Web Manager

How many times have you seen a celebrity tweet or post something that they regret? Soon, you can be in charge of what they say and how they manage their online presence. A person’s online reputation is an important part of their public image now, and they need someone to help manage it. From taking down tweets and unflattering images to managing their web presence, this role will require you to be a bit of a publicist, hacker and also image consultant.

The best way to explore these careers is by doing a study abroad course, or an engineering study abroad program. You get more exposure to jobs like these and more to make the best of your computer science degree. Do you have any more interesting computer science job ideas? Share it with us, or leave a comment!

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