Lets Analyse the Coolest Mechatronics Engineering Projects

If there was an academic journey that lets you literally bring your imagination to life, it would be mechatronics engineering. Indeed, this unique field lets you utilize principles from mechanical and electronics engineering to develop extremely practical and innovative machinery that can make its mark felt across so many sectors such as manufacturing, the automobile industry, constructing, and even robots that can handle complex surgeries.

Now, as a potential student of mechatronics, you must be wondering what are the exciting prospects when it comes to projects in the field right? That’s a valid question because your final project will be the stepping stone towards working on mechatronics applications on a much larger scale as mentioned above. So, for today, let’s dive deep into some of the cool mechatronics engineering projects that have been executed in engineering study abroad courses, and can inspire you on your journey.

Six-legged spider bot using Klann mechanism

source: youtube.com

It’s a known fact that legged bots can traverse any terrain faster and easier than bots or vehicles with wheels. Accordingly, students of a mechatronics engineering course got together to design a machine for land locomotion that can move on legs. This project uses Klann mechanism, which is a mechanism made of frames, pivot joints and grounded rockers to simulate the gait of legged animal and function as a wheel replacement. This allowed the machine to operate on terrains where wheel-based machines cannot venture, such as steep cliffs or highly rugged terrains as well.

Alcohol detection with go-kart ignition locking project

This is one project that can help save so many lives. The deaths caused due to drunken driving are the worst as they are completely avoidable. This project uses an Automatic Ignition Locking system that is triggered by an alcohol sensor which is implanted on the steering wheel. In this case, the car is a go-kart, and the sensor is placed on the steering wheel, it constantly monitors the driver’s breath. If the driver has had a drink and the device detects the presence of alcohol, it sends a message to the motor and the motor will not start. The challenge is in applying it in different vehicles and testing how it reacts with various variables.

Automatic blackboard/whiteboard cleaner system

source: i.ytimg.com

Gone are the days when teachers punished us by making us clean blackboards. With the Automatic Blackboard and Whiteboard Cleaner System, this can be done with minimum human intervention. With a click, the board will be clean and in less than half the time that we would take to do it manually. This mechanism depends on dusters mounted on shafts that are connected to a frame. These shafts control a circular cleaning motion; hence a motor is needed. A roller is needed at the top and bottom of the frame so the device can move across the whole board. The challenge is in fitting it on different boards and testing it against various inks etc.

Remote controlled mini forklift

source: i.ytimg.com

This is a simple, fun project that involves using the forklift to lift weights and place things down. The main mechanism is a pulley-based one with belts, it uses a powerful 12V motor and has a counterweight in the back for balance. The 4-wheel drive frame chassis is sturdy and can be moved in all 4 directions without losing balance. The machine is controlled by an Rf based circuit system wirelessly. It’s fun to play around with this and test its capabilities lifting and moving various objects.

There are plenty more mechatronics engineering projects that are fun and challenging. These are made to explore how you can use what you learn in your engineering study abroad program or B.Tech Engineering abroad course. Drop us a comment and let us know what you would like to try.


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