5 Coolest Extra-Curricular Courses in Abroad

The best part of a study abroad program is the ability to experience new things, especially the type that you might not consider doing in the comfort of your home country! After all, exploring new horizons is what a study abroad course is all about right? Indeed, there are so many uniquely talented people you can learn from – who come from different cultures and backgrounds. Learning new skills and understanding new perspectives from this ambiance will help you grow personally as well as professionally.

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What are the different options you ask? Well, the options are endless! It truly depends on your interests. But just to give you an idea of what goes around, let’s have a look at the extracurricular courses you can take up while pursuing your engineering study abroad course!

Cooking Lessons

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Missing your mom’s special roti and sabzi or even the amazing baked goodies that your sibling would make to brighten your day? Well, the first thing you should know is that it is possible to cook, and cooking classes are the way to go about!  Not only will learning how to cook help you become more independent, but it can also help you can watch what you eat, save money on outside food and it gives you a skill that you can use for life.

Music Classes

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Are you the kind of person who plays the air-guitar a lot when your favorite guitar solo comes up? Or do you hum your favorite tunes but only as a bathroom Rockstar? Well then, it’s time to upskill and learn some real skills! Not only will they help you pick up a cool skill that you can enjoy in your spare time but will also let you express yourself creatively through music. You could even join a band or play solo at local venues if you become good at it!

Foreign Language Classes

If your study abroad course is in an English-speaking country or not, you could still enroll for a foreign language class. Learning a new language will keep your mind sharp and help you communicate with people who come from different cultures! Furthermore, learning a new language will also give you brownie points when you apply for jobs in Multi-National Companies (MNC).


There aren’t many things that can help you express your creativity and communication skills as theatre does, be it acting, directing, singing, backstage assisting or even producing, the theatre has a lot to teach you. You get to learn everything that goes into a play and you make great friends while you’re at it. It is a means to express yourself and be part of a community. You will learn how to promote your play, support your team, pitch in whenever necessary and many other such leadership skills.

Event Committees

College life, even as part of an engineering study abroad program is a lot of fun because of the number of events that are happening on and off-campus. If you love organizing and meeting new people, you can join one of the many event committees around. You could be the one organizing campus events, faculty events or even charity events. Being part of these committees will improve your social skills, planning and organization skills, and much more.

International Student Society

If in case your coursework is too heavy, then choose an extracurricular that does not need too much of your time or effort. For example, you can enroll yourself in a student society, which is a great way for you to make friends and meet people from all over the world. These societies are based on multiple themes such as social causes, helping the underprivileged and even creating awareness on environmental issues. Plus, you will be able to improve your social skills and network with hardly any effort.

All these extracurricular options do more than just help you kill time. They equip you with skills that you can use throughout life and add a lot of weight to your resume. Drop us a comment and let us know what your extracurricular choice is.

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