Employers Admire Students with Study Abroad Experiences

International education is no longer considered as a luxury that few can afford. Infact, it is a necessity in today’s world to create a global career to reach the top. The reasons are not limited only to ambitious students who dream to take their career beyond geographical boundaries. Companies too value employees with international exposure like an engineering study abroad program, as it brings in values like diversity and acceptance in the company.

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In fact, a German study done by Friedrich Schiller University, Jena found that students who studied abroad showed improvement in five core traits – openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability.

For students, the main aim is job opportunities. According to a survey by the University of California, Merced, 97% of study abroad students found employment within 12 months of graduation, when only 49% of college graduates found employment in the same period.

Let’s look at four reasons why employers want candidates with a study abroad experience.

1 | International education builds valuable job skills

A recent study revealed that 40% of US businesses failed to expand due to a dearth of staff international experience.

Why is this so? Because a study abroad course helps students develop the practical skills that are actually effective in the professional world, instead of just focussing only on theoretical skills. Accordingly, a student with study abroad experience possesses the skills that make him or her effective from day one, and companies would benefit as they would have to spend lesser resources to train their employee.

2 | Leadership qualities

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While living in a different country, students experience a new culture and take charge of their own lives. They also gain the confidence to take initiatives and develop leadership qualities that are highly valued by organisations.

3 | Management skills

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Diverse exposure offered by a course abroad helps students develop management and interpersonal skills. With an international perspective and a broader outlook, it is easier for employees with international experience to carry out business negotiations, work with diverse teams and make successful business trips to other countries.

4 | Networking skills

A student doing B.tech engineering abroad has to develop both his individual and social skills to survive. While doing so, one develops good networking skills and learns to keep connected with people who have different ideologies. In the business world, networking skills are the most essential to succeed and employers favour candidates with networking skills.

Study abroad – The best investment                     

“Given the returns to and the costs of investing in education, individuals make rational investment choices with respect to education”

Michael Spence, Nobel Prize Winner

Studying abroad is an investment for ambitious students to forge an international career.

International Centre for Applied Sciences (ICAS), Manipal Academy of Higher Education, has been facilitating a unique International Transfer Programme. Under the Programme, students can complete the first two years of study at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India. The following two years can be pursued at a premium university in the foreign country of their choices such as USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, France and many more by transferring their credits obtained from the first two years of study.

On completion of the programme, the student can obtain an engineering degree awarded by the destination international university.

Admissions are open. You can enquire, download the application form or apply online by visiting the official website  https://manipal.edu/icas.html





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