6 Highest Paid Engineering Jobs in the U.S.

In the 21st century, engineering has emerged as one of the most exciting and lucrative career choices in the United States of America. If you are proficient at math and have a knack for problem-solving, engineering provides a well-paved path to professional success. In diverse industries and sectors, the onus is shifting from labor management to building and sustaining the fundamental systems that form the platform for all business operations. And that’s exactly the kind of job where these organizations need an engineer!

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According to global job review site Glassdoor, nearly 20 percent of the top 50 best jobs in America for 2019 is in the field of engineering. This data matches up to their findings in 2018, which shows that almost half of the top 25 highest paying jobs in America were in the field of engineering. Add to this the fact that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 140,000 new engineering jobs will be created between 2016 and 2026, and the future for engineering in America looks very bright indeed.

The best part about it as that the field of engineering itself is undergoing a sea change. There is still a high demand for traditional engineering roles such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical electronics engineering. However, the subject of engineering has now branched out into so many other fields. Once you major in a sub-genre of engineering, you are a specialized engineering resource for a particular industry. It’s advisable not to try to become a jack of all trades, and instead, master one and see yourself prosper. That being said, let’s take a look at the top six highest paid engineering jobs in the U.S.

Petroleum Engineers

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The oil and gas industry is one of the biggest in the world, with a gross domestic product that is estimated to be worth between $75 to $87.5 trillion! So, it’s no wonder that Petroleum Engineers are the highest paid in America. Their median annual wage stands at $128,230, according to the Bureau of Labor. In order to become a leading petroleum engineer, one also has to have expertise in other fields such as geology, drilling, reservoir simulation, and well engineering.

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer science engineering grabs all the headlines, but all these systems need a physical device to work on, right? ¬†That’s exactly what a computer hardware engineer does. They build the individual components of computers and for this job, they have earned the status of the second highest-paid engineers in America. The Labor Bureau recorded their median annual wage as $115,080.

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineering is becoming increasingly relevant as we take our first baby steps into the world of space travel. This field is a combination of rocket science and aviation engineering and is probably one of the most exciting fields of engineering to be working in right now. The median annual wage is ranked third on the list, estimated at $109,650.

Nuclear Engineers

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The most urgent hunt that mankind now faces is the search for alternative sources of energy. One of the biggest options is nuclear and this is where engineers with expertise in nuclear physics can pave the way for further development. Nuclear engineers are the fourth highest earners in America, with a median annual wage of $102,220.

Electronics Engineers (except computer)

Ranked fifth on this list is a classification that we’re all familiar with- electronics engineering, who earn an average of $99,210 per year. They are the ones who help power our power systems and keep the world running. With the growing focus on Mechatronics Engineering, the possibilities in this line of work are set to expand even further.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical Engineering is essential to better the quality of human life across the globe. Engineers in this field combine their knowledge of various sciences to develop and design chemical manufacturing processes. The practical applications of chemical engineering encompass a variety of industries, from food to pharmaceuticals to biotechnology. Chemical engineers are the sixth highest-earning engineers in America, with an average wage of $98,340.

These six job profiles represent the upper echelon of engineering jobs in America. They will play an essential role in shaping how humanity lives in the next century, so it’s only natural that they are in such high demand and organizations are willing to pay high in order to get the best of their services!






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